125 W Main St

Alhambra Ca 91801

125 W Main St Alhambra Ca 91801

The Coach-Led Gym Designed For Rapid Results.

Our sole mission: To transform bodies and lives.

Biggest Hurdles:


How we can help: Around the clock communication with industry leading trainers. Daily tasks & weekly body scans to track progress.

Life Balance

How we can help: We guide clients towards a realistic balance for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.


How we can help: We’ll design a plan for you that’s both effective and enjoyable. No more fad diets or sacrifices.


How we can help: Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals working towards their own transformation.

About Sayon Fitness

Everything you’ll need to transform, under one roof.

Our transformation program is tailored to each individual member. You will be paired with an expert coach that matches your style and needs. All ages, injury history, goals, fitness levels and experience are welcome!

Private Coaching

So we can focus on exactly what you need while keeping a close eye on your progress. Your coach will adjust your program as needed, keeping you in momentum!

Semi-Private Training

Strength and Conditioning, and more, you can burn many calories each week, never seeing the same workout twice.

Nutrition Plans

Healthy nutrition plans based on the foods you enjoy. We teach you how to balance healthy foods with everyday life so you don’t put weight back on after your “diet” is over.

Goal Setting and Tracking

Weekly goal setting and tracking with our medical-grade Body Composition Analyzer to hold you accountable while also knowing exactly what’s happening with your body as it changes.

What Our Client Says:

"One word: Results. I started working with Marcos in August and by November I had dropped 20 pounds, 5% body fat, 3 inches around my waist and gained immeasurable confidence. My favorite was when a friend of mine recently said "I wanna bounce quarters off your butt!" :Marcos is really a fantastic trainer-- he's supportive and skilled, pushes me past what I think I can do, but works with me in a kind manner with a sense of humor. I really look forward to my morning workouts because I leave his studio feeling accomplished, cheerful, and ready to tackle my day. Sayon Fitness is THE BEST--and I've tried every workout regimen in the book: Bikram, Crossfit, Body for Life, Crunch, ClassPass, you name it, I've tried it, but there's nothing I enjoy more than coming to Marcos's studio and I have no intention of stopping! "

- Bonnie M

"I have never been a morning person nor have I been one to work out in the past. That has all changed now! Just over a year ago I came to the reality that I needed to make a change in my health and well being, and discovered Sayon Fitness. What a game changer it has been training with Marcos! I now have the motivation and energy to get up in the early morning hours and get a workout in three times a week. I feel stronger and happier about myself both inside and out. Though the sessions are a mere 30 minutes each, they are packed with a full dose of calorie burning, muscle strengthening excellence! Marcos is sure to taylor the workout to the needs of each individual for the most effective and efficient workout. The atmosphere is welcoming and in no way intimidating, especially for a newbie. My fellow workout buddies always keep each other motivated. Looking forward to continuing my weight loss goals with Marcos and Sayon Fitness!"

- Jeffri B.

"Before Sayon Fitness, no gym membership in the world could get me to stay motivated though I was paying money every month to gyms that served me no purpose. I knew that something needed to change and that was the day I heard about Sayon Fitness.I started Sayon Fitness probably like most people, through its promo deal. But a week into it, I already know that I would sign up for the membership. Good bye LA Fitness! Marcos is a phenomenal trainer! He is constantly changing things up and pushing you to do the best. It's high intensity workout with a variety of exercises and training techniques will definitely shock your body out of any plateau. And although I go with group workouts, I always feel like I'm getting a lot of one on one attention. Regardless of your fitness level or fitness goal, you will not be dissapointed with what you'll get out of Sayon Fitness PS: What makes this gym the hidden gem of Alhambra is the atmosphere. Everyone treats each other like family. There is definitely no other gym that I can call "home"."

–Julia H.

Schedule the perfect day and time to come into the private fitness studio. You’ll meet with our program director for a 1 on 1 consultation. We make this super simple, don't sweat it

We’ll learn all about you, and you’ll learn about our us. We’ll discuss the Transformation Program that makes the most sense based on your goals.

Once we’ve put together the perfect Transformation Program for YOU, we’ll introduce you to your Transformation Expert Coach who will be with you every step of the way. Together, you’ll get started.

Client experience:

The hubs and I have been coming here for several years. We first join after having our 2nd child and we were in a rut. We were an active couple before kids - gym 5 days per week, running 5-10k, hiking, traveling. After my husband was diagnosed with gout and high cholesterol, we decided we needed to get back into an active lifestyle. We joined thinking we'll do it for a few months and see how it goes....well it's been 9 years since the day we walked into Marcos studio and we are still here. His training will push you to your limits and you will become stronger than you ever thought possible. Every class is different and its only 30 mins! I started not even able to do one push up (I literally started on my knees while my arms were shaking to make that 1 push up - it was truly a sorry sight). I realized that all my other exercises focus on fat burning, I didn't think about muscle building or even considered its importance. For anyone who wants to make an lifestyle change, consider joining the Marcos family.

Stacey Wu

There will NEVER be enough words to describe how Sayon Fitness has changed my life. Before joining Sayon Fitness I was extremely overweight and could not run one lap if my life depended on it. Doing 10 jumping jacks in a row was a mission in itself. My self esteem was on the floor and didn't have thrill for life and my body and energy showed for it. At Sayon Fitness not only did I meet an amazing trainer but also a family that encourages me day by day to reach my goal and today I feel better than i have EVER felt in my life. The workouts are amazing, you will never get the same workout done twice, which for me is a plus because I tend to get bored very easily. The quote "no pain no gain" is something that never made sense to me until now. Everyday I'm sore from the crazy yet fun workouts that we do. Workouts such as supermans, frog jumps, burpees, mountain climbers, push ups or squats are something that I never in a million years thought i could do. The feeling I have after every workout is an "I hate it but I love it feeling". Thanks to Sayon Fitness I am now 40 lbs lighter, was able to get the strength and endurance to run a half marathon and complete a tough mudder event. The person I am today (so eager to workout, full of energy, enthusiasm, and happiness) is all thanks to Sayon Fitness. I now have that thrill for life that I once had lost I honestly do not see myself without Sayon Fitness anymore. Completely worth the investment!!!

Gladis O.


How we can help: Around the clock communication with industry leading trainers. Daily tasks & weekly body scans to track progress.


How we can help: We guide clients towards a realistic balance for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.


How we can help: Learn how to eat delicious foods while saving time, money, and getting results.

Hi! We're A Local Fitness Studio In Alhambra, California

Established in 2010, our mission is to help people in Alhambra and surrounding areas get fit, stay healthy, and live on their terms without fitness being an obstacle.

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How Much Are The Fitness Programs?

Programs at Sayon Fitness vary depending on the individual.  Our transformation programs can include semi-private training, individual training, nutrition plans, recovery, and more!  We will review the price once we design the perfect program based on your goals and timeframe.

Do I Have To Have Experience To Workout At Sayon Fitness?

Not at all.  Our fitness studio is designed for beginners to advanced, and we’re with you every step of the journey!

Do I Have To Commit To A Long-Term Membership?

Absolutely not!  The length of your membership is based on your goals and where you’re now.  12 and 24-month memberships are NOT client-centric, and our gym is all about our clients and their success!

I Want To Get Into Amazing Shape, But I’m Scared To Get Started.  Help!

We got you.  We understand getting started is the hardest part.  We’ll take it one step at a time.  Step 1: come in for a “no sweat intro” and chat with us.  No working out, no sales pitch, we’re just going to talk about your goals, that’s it.  If you’re excited about our discussion, we’ll move on to Step 2.  No pressure; we’re coaches, and we’re here to help.

Ready To Get Started?

Discover How You Can Transform Your Body And Life With The Help Of A Transformation Expert Who Will Be With You Every Step Of Your Journey!

We KNOW You Have It In You! Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

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